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The fluttering of a butterfly's wings can effect climate changes on the other side of the planet. ~Paul Erlich

Congrats to the world’s newest nation, #SouthSudan. Here’s to hoping the world rallies to help you get on your feet!

RT @NGWeekend: Where to live to live longer: Dan Buettner of @BlueZones w @BoydMatson on @NGWeekend. @NatGeo Download the free Podcast …

RT @paulocoelho: The beauty of truth: whether it is bad or good, it is liberating.

Mary Murphy, please stop saying “buck”. #notagoodlook #sytycd

RT @ComicBookGrrl: I can excuse Rebecca Black because she’s 13, and clearly delusional. The rapper in the video? You, sir, should be ash …

Lol! RT @DarkSkies1016: @tweefur I think the rapture happened 20 years ago but we have been to wrapped up in ourselves to notice.


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